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Common Sense, Not Politics

Our founding fathers, pursuing a better way of life for all, developed a republic where all are created equal. The first three words of the Constitution are – We the People – and government needs to get back to representing the people and not serving itself. 

I may not have held a political office, but I do have people and business experience. I pay attention to everyone I meet and listen to everything they say. I am striving to have their voices heard with a no-nonsense, common sense approach that brings results, not unkept promises.

I will provide you with the truth about how our laws and regulations affect you; that your “free from premium” healthcare comes with an enormous deductible, that the red flag law is being used, in some cases against children, without due process, and how your tax money is being spent. I know I'm tired of referendums asking for more money and general funds that are not dedicated for the well-being of the public. I'm tired of not being told specifically of how our money was spent or will be spent. We were promised by the State that Sunrail would be funded through 2020, but starting in 2021 local governments will have to fund this program. What will this cost you? How can the public address these issues and concerns when the administrative/committee meetings are held at 9:00 A.M. on a typical workday?

These, and many more, are issues that need straight forward answers and solutions. I'm not one to sugar-coat anything. I shoot straight from the hip, and if it's wrong, I'll do every thing in my power to make it right.

I am a proud parent of a law enforcement officer, member of the Sons of the American Legion and will always support first responders, the military, small businesses, the working class and you.

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