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Safer Neighborhoods

The legal system is being manipulated by criminals that virtually disappear by crossing state lines. As long as criminals stay out of the jurisdiction that holds the warrant for their arrest and the warrant isn't extraditable, even if found, there is nothing that law enforcement can do about it. These non-extraditable crimes are not just misdemeanor charges, and worse yet, these criminals can have warrants in several states.

For the sake of the people of Florida and all the dedicated law enforcement officers who serve to protect our communities, we need reforms that will increase our safety and give law enforcement the tools to remove these criminals from our streets.

Consumer Affairs

Over 90% of car insurance companies and 85% of home insurers use your credit history in determining your rates. The simple truth is the lower your credit score, the higher your rate.

Insurance credit scoring doesn't consider any of the many factors that may result in less than perfect credit scores that have nothing to do with the insured's ability to pay.

With FICO launching their new scoring model this summer, in which about 40 million consumers will see their scores drop, and the yet unknown ramifications of the novel coronavirus, since scoring has no regard for people who have been unemployed or fallen ill through no fault of their own, now is the time to prohibit the use of credit reports and credit scores by insurers.


Decisions about education need to be made at a local level. Vocational curriculums should have a stronger presence in the community.


We need to make insurance more affordable.

Small Business

Remove obstacles to promote growth of small businesses.


With our constant growth, our roadways need to be planned for the future.

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